Each House has it's own base skill and specific talent. Your selection of your Sworn Swords (SS) should support that and it should be a large factor in how you train them and equip them as well. The game gives you a "sweet spot" where you get to dump double talent points. Boost that as much as you can with other things.

For example, if you are a Tully, Lannister or Tyrell, you should have a whole bevvy of traders who are skilled and equipped for your House's particular specialty - Bartering, Bribing or Swindling. Yes, you will need fighters and spies, but this is not your true strength. As a Lannister, you should be swindling at every opportunity. If you picked Tyrell, you should be bribing your way out of everything you can.

The "Sweet Spot" weapon is a weapon that can be produced in your talent building and represents an extremely good value for the resources to create it. This is a work in progress and I'll be back to update it later.

House Talent Building "Sweet Spot" Weapon "Sweet Spot" Armor "Sweet Spot" Companions Other Buildings Other Weapons Other Armor Other Companions Misc.
Fight Barathon Feast

Harass Greyjoy Shipyard

Aid Stark Hunting Lodge

Barter Tully Fishery Ledger Book

Swindle Lannister Mine

Bribe Tyrell Arbor Black Diamond Ring

Spy Targaryen Reliquary

Sabotage Martel Glasshouse Courtier's Outfit

Steal ???

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