To date, I have reincarnated three times now. I was offered the opportunity first at level 71 and again at level 66. My first incarnation was as a Tully and my second was as a Lannister and my third was a Tyrell. I will know more about this when I reincarnate again. I'm currently a Martel. Reincarnation is triggered when you get to Volume 1, Chapter 10 in the book. If you have claimed all the previous bonuses, you'll hit a quest in chapter 10 that will trigger reincarnation upon completing it. I'll post which quest it is as soon as I have it figured out. Since we're in an active AvA phase, I'm delaying my reincarnation to assist my alliance as much as I can at my peewee level.

Overall, it's not a horrible process. Gammer will offer you a potion. Swill it down and off you go... to a shiny new self.

Pros -

  • Ability to pursue dragon ownership
  • Ability to pursue 8 arms of the kracken
  • Redo anything you screwed up in your first build
  • Anything you paid gold for will stay with you

Cons -

  • You start from ground 0 sans the gold purchased items
  • You must upgrade all of your buildings again
  • You must acquire new SS and level them
  • Mostly, I'd say is the grind of doing the same things over again
  • Stuck at a "peewee" level for AvA
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