Since you either accumulate gold verrrry slowly (2 or 3 per week max) or spend real world dollars to get it, you should have a sound strategy for spending it. Part of that will depend on how you decide to play. Are you going to reincarnate repeatedly? Or just aim for exalted ranks with your current incarnation?

If you plan to reincarnate to pursue the ownership of a dragon, then you will want to select very balanced items. Otherwise, you may want to choose items that either shore up where your talents are weak or items that make your strong talents even stronger. Then you get the building upgrades.

Actions Edit

If you use Adventure Party, which is recommended, consider spending the 2 gold and the talent point required to unlock the "Set Best Action". It lets you automatically load up an adventure party and set the best action for each SS with just one mouse click. It really makes sending out all your SS in a swarm just a breeze. Keeping the ones who aren't engaged in the story line quests helps them level. If you don't spend gold on anything else, you should get this one..

Building Upgrades Edit

Counting HouseEdit

One to consider is the counting house. Depending on your play style, this one might be worth it for you. If you can't log in first thing in the morning to pick up the over night accumulation, then go for this one. It doesn't do much to upgrade the amount per hour but it does allow you to substantially increase the total size. This means you don't fill up as quickly.


If you're a member of one of the fighting Great Houses, then the smithy gold upgrade may be for you since it allows you to carry out battle attacks fasters.

Village CenterEdit

Another to consider is the village center. This one allows you to make more than one of something at a time. If baby sitting your account every 20 minutes to get the iron, wood, etc. you need is problematic, then take a look at this one to see if it might fit your play style.

Embassy Edit

Market Edit

Sept Edit

Godswood Edit

Holdfast Edit

Workshop Edit

Treasury Edit

Arbor (Tyrell Talent) Edit

Items For Yourself Edit

You have 4 basic categories of items. Hand slot, body slot, companion slot and seals.

Hand Slot Items Edit

Balanced Items Edit

Ancestral Valaryian Steel SwordEdit

Stats: 25/25/25 with +7% to all attacks & all defenses. In addition, the sword has it's own seal slots. You get 2 free ones. The seals you apply will stay with the sword through reincarnation.

Items For Your SS Edit

Balanced Items Edit

Davos' LuckEdit

Stats: 25/25/25 with 4% chance that a dead SS will be returned with no penalty and 4% faster gain of an SS to replace a dead one. This item has 5 free seal slots. You can unlock more if you spend some gold on the item.

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